Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nepal: Photo's from First 10 Days

Outside of Sister's Cafe, during an aftershock
Our small stock pile of food (rice and dahl) for distribution

Preparing for Distribution in Bhaktapur District (we manage two camps here)

Some of the typically seen damage from the Bhaktapur area

One of the larger camps that we manage. 

Our storage space at the Benepa Hub, managed by Handicap International

Briefing with our team and the IHQ PR team

Trucks loaded for distribution (we typically use smaller trucks as larger have difficulty on mountain roads)

Cutting of tarps given through IOM by USAID (tarps come in 60 meter rolls)

Loading out boxes of tarps up for distribution

Team member Mike with villagers who are holding a solar charging pad that we give out to remote villages

Team member Sharon at our storage hub with 350 cases of donated USAID tarps

Team member Kathy (center with gray hair) with two local Nepali volunteers discussing with village leaders

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